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Does everyone who does the Pre-Op with OCC follow the Vitaleph plan? The reason I ask is that Mexico Bariatric Centre suggests a different one where it is more about food and protein shakes you can get at Costco or a health food store vs. ordering off this Vitaleph site that I find quite expensive, and of course then shipping to Canada.

And the Pre Op DIet Plan by Dr Jaime Ponce De Leon is yogurt and water for three days.... even simpler.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I would then have to order a Post Op diet through Vitaleph yet other ladies I know who went to different bariatric surgeons didn't have to go through a special website and were able to follow the diet via regular grocery stores and health food stores. These other ladies are all 3-4 years post op and no complications. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has seen Dr. Ariel Ortiz but I am choosing him due to being a Centre of Excellence and how he does his sleeve. Of course there are other surgeons out there that claim to do the same sleeve technique so who knows. I have been researching weekly for over 19 months.

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I wasn't able to drink the VITALEPH shakes because I'm casein-intolerant, so no milk whey protein for me. So Lucia at OCC told me I could drink Vega One shakes. I still ordered all the pre and post-op multivitamins off the website though. I didn't find that the Vitaleph shakes were really that much more expensive than the ones I get off Amazon, but I don't live in Canada, so it may be different up there. 

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