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Anyone with Hashimotos??

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I have Hashimotos thyroid, diagnosed in 1998. I was lapbanded back in 2007 and then went to the sleeve in 2014. I don't see any big difference between the two procedures and having a thyroid issue, as long as you take your daily dose of Synthyroid or the generic version Levothyroxine.

One piece of advise,,,  stay on top of your TSH levels. I try to keep my TSH number between 1.0 to 2.0. But, everyone is different. A couple years back they came out with new "Normal" levels, that range is .3 to 3.3

I feel my best at 1.0 to1.5

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I have it too. I'm about to be 2 yrs post op. I met my goal at 180 and went below to 173. My 2 and yr has been a struggle. I have been exercising like crazy, eating the same, but I gained 10 lbs my 2nd yr. I just seen my PCP and I told her I stopped taking my synthroid 3 yrs ago. She checked my levels and I just started my synthroid therapy 2 weeks ago. If I lost my weight with out my synthroid, then why am I now struggling to lose the 10 I gained? Is the lack of thyroid medicine finally catching up and thus the lack of weight loss? 


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