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Feels Like I'm Drowning Every Night!

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Hi! I had the lap band surgery in 2012. No complications. I recently had a fill, which seems, by day, to do its job. But no matter when I eat and drink (today the last thing I ate/drank was at 4 p.m., it's now almost midnight), as soon as I fall asleep, I wake up with liquid flooding my throat. It's not acidic, it's like it's my saliva. It doesn't burn. It also doesn't matter what position I'm in -- this has happened when I've fallen asleep sitting up. It happens EVERY time I fall asleep -- maybe five or six times within a couple of hours. It's like as soon as I relax, it comes up, although when I'm awake again, I feel fine, if a little grumpy and sleepy. Eventually, it clears up and I fall asleep (usually on my left side).

Does anyone else have this? Some advice? My sleep is highly interrupted and I hate the feeling of drowning I get...I'm also scared some of my saliva will get down into my lungs....


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