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Is rest needed after a fill?

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:) Hi,

I'm planning on having the lap band surgery done in the next few months and I was wondering if there is any recovery time involved in having a fill, especially the first time. Or is it okay to hop back on a plane and fly back to Florida? Also, what about right after surgery? Did anyone take a long flight the day after surgery, or did you wait another day or so? Any comments or suggestions would be helpful to me.

Thank you,

Tonya Mixon

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Hi Tonya, I know several people who fly home thesame day after a fill. No rest is needed usually , just a liquid diet for 3 days is all Dr. Ortiz recomends. As far as aftersurgery, one of my band buddies flew from SD to PA after surgery but it was 3 days after surgery, she stayed at the hotel one extra day to be safe. Another one of my band buddies had her surgery on Tuesday and flew home to IL on Thursday, so i guess it all depends on the individual. I had minimal pain aftersurgery and was shopping in TJ the very next day aftersurgery with one of my band buddies.

Good Luck

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Thank you for the reply, Michelle. I'll be flying out 2 days after surgery. I'm pretty fortunate in that I usually bounce back easily after being down, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that that holds true for this experience as well.


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