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September 2017 Surgeries

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I'm not sure. I was on track to make my original weight and then got an email that the surgeons reviewed my history and classified me high risk due to how my spleen was removed. They requested that I lose an additional 25 lbs  before I came down. 

I thought I may be able to do it but it was too much in the time I had before I was scheduled. So I postponed it 3 weeks and now I'm on track to hit it. 

I figure this is like boot camp for the changes we'll need to make long term. Kind of get you mentally pointed in the right direction to help succeed long term. If I was able to do it I'm sure you can. I'll be 65 lbs lighter before I even hit the table down there. Walk even when you don't feel like it and win the daily intake struggle. 

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Heading to Mexico for my Sleeve Surgery on 9/15 and am beside myself with excitement!!  I have 100% faith in the staff at OCC and know all will go well.  This decision was years in the making and I'm feeling elated that I am finally on the path to a healthy me!  I hope all goes well for you all as well. 

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I am scheduled for the 22nd. Will anyone else be there on this day?

The pre op diet is coming right along. Three more pounds to hit my goal. I have found that the chocolate shakes taste much better than the vanilla in my opinion. The shakes make this process doable. I also think I have eaten more spinach in the last week then during the the rest of my life.

This is going to help me get back to running with my wife! 

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