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was wondering if someone can tell me how long after the surgery can I do the following activities:

hiking, diving, swimming, climbing. 

Even though I'm classed as obese I used to hike last year for moderate distances 6/9 miles and occasionally mountain climbed and other things. My weight was one of things that kept me back I was just too conscious and kept getting strange looks from people. Even though I was happy being there a lot of people didn't seem happy there was a fat person taking part. Maybe it's just me thinking it but there was definitely a few who stood out. 

And also while I'm here if someone could provide advice on how to avoid the loose skin after surgery and keep has problems to a minimum.

Thanks in advance x  

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Even though I was a big guy, I was very active. I rode bicycle a lot, like every day. After surgery, follow your surgeons advice. I remember it was 4 weeks later before I got on my bike. 

As far as loose skin,, that's difficult to tell. Everyone is different when it comes to your skin trying to go back to normal. I personally ended up with a full 360 degree tummy tuck,, AKA, lower body lift. Mine was too far gone, I needed plastic surgery.

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