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When is the leak test done?

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I'm having my procedure on a Thursday. When can I expect to have the leak test done? Some on the FB feed have said it is done on the 3rd day post-op, but that will be a Sunday for me and I understand that OCC is closed on Sundays. Is that correct? 


Thanks in advance! 


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Hmmm, don't worry, the OCC will do the leak test before you leave. I personally don't know when your scheduled to fly out? But my guess, if your flying out Monday or Tuesday it would be done that morning when all the Friday patients come back to the OCC from the Marriott. Yes, your thinking, that isn't much time before your fly home, but the test only takes a few minutes. What if they find a leak? Well,,, you'd be a first. Relax.....

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There's two leak tests. The first is during surgery, they push a little air into your new stomach and run a little water over the stomach at the same time checking for air bubbles. This test is shown being done in some of the live surgery videos. The second is nothing but a barium milk shake without the milk. It can be a strawberry or cherry flavored and you drink it while they watch the fluid pass through the your new smaller stomach on a fluoroscope. Pretty harmless and quick, takes a couple minutes and it's done the last day before you leave for home.

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