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just home from hospital and not feeling so great..

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Hi Sherri, were you banded by Dr. Ortiz?

Exactly what do you mean " I feel like crap" are you in pain? Are you having regrets? Each day does get a little bit better, alot of the uncomfortablness is due to the gas and the swelling.

Feel free to email me and we can talk. I will help you get through this difficult time :)

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What kind of pain are you having? does it feel "inside" or "outwards"? Try walking in the house to get rid of the gas pains. make sure you are getting your water in too. a heating pad on your tummy will do wonders! I also like sitting with a pillow against the port side to ease discomforts. Liquid tylenol and gas x will become your best friends! shell is right, each day the discomfort gets better and better!!!

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