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Gastric Plication Surgery in 2018

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Scheduled my surgery for July 6th! Nervous and excited at the same time. Worried about the pre-op diet since I’m whey protein intolerant. Do t know how this will interfere with the success of my pre and post op results. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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12 hours ago, Jogrenon said:


 I’m scheduled in late November for plication. I am seeing comments about weight regain after about 8 to 10 months. Have you experienced anything like that? I’m wondering if I should switch to the sleeve. 

There's pros and cons to each. The Plication surgery and sleeve are really similar. On the Plication, they fold and sew the stomach to the same size of a sleeved stomach. It can be reversed, or say undone. Sleeve is permanent, you can't undo it. But most have better results with the sleeve than the plication. If you consult your surgeon, they can give you a better perspective and some statistics.  

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