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I'm almost all in for having VSG surgery at OCC in the spring but I keep reading so many forums and watching so many you tube videos it's starting to make my head spin! I do have a few questions if some of you could let me know your experiences that would be awesome!

I have inquired about having surgery on a Monday and could fly home as early as Thursday.

1. What day did you have your port removed and do a leak test?

2. Did the leak test make you have diarrhea? (Just thinking if I should spend an extra day there because the idea of being sick like that on a plane sounds like 0 fun)

3. Did you need to take blood thinners for flying so soon after surgery?

4. Is it true that after surgery you tend to have a lot more gas? Even months after surgery.

5. I have PCOS which is a contributing factor as to why I'm considering this surgery. I'm not wanting kids just to be a healthy weight.....for once. Anyone else out there have PCOS and the surgery? How is your journey going?

6. Is it realistic to be able to go to work a week post op?

7. I have zero desire to tell anyone I'm having this surgery, is going there solo etc okay? Were you able to drive yourself home after you made it back?

8. I've heard there can be a lot of pain even months after surgery, eating different foods etc is this the rule or the exception?

9. If you've had the surgery knowing what you know now what is one piece of advice you wish you could have given your self pre-surgery?

10. How uncomfortable was flying? If driving was an option would that have been easier? When flying would you have waiting more time been a better idea or was it okay to go when you were cleared?

Thanks in advance, I know that's a lot of questions but there is so much to consider! I understand vsg is just a tool I get that part and I'm ready to put in the work again and finally be successful! I want to have my own transformation story!! <3 thanks again and take care!

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A lot of these questions can be answered by the surgeons or clinics support staff. And a lot of these post surgery side effects I've never heard of or do I know patients that have ever experienced them. For me and 99.9% of the Sleeve patients I know had a pretty normal surgery with no side effects. The surgery is pretty easy peasy. Flying is nothing out of the ordinary. Pain? Didn't have any except a little post op CO2 trapped in my shoulder joints. The only thing I know that's a pain in the butt is the pre and post op diets. If you read all the horror stories on the internet, take those as maybe fake. A patients success depends on how good your surgeon is and how well you follow the pre and post op diets. So,, pick a great surgeon/clinic and be a good doobie and follow the pre and post op diets. PS,, there's nothing that says you need to tell anyone or you can tell the world,, your call. 

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Thank you Dolittle, I appreciate the feedback! I find its important to read some of the horror stories because I can not fathom it all being sunshine and rainbows. I get preop and post op can be challenging and I have no issues following a plan...I just wanted to do my due diligence to ensure there was nothing I was missing. :)

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