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Cell phones-electricity-i'net access at hotel

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Hi everyone: I'm being banded on May 3d and my daughter's going with me; she's self employed and needs to work during her many hours at the hotel. She asked me whether (1) our cell phones will work in TJ (I live in San Diego), (2) the electrical outlets are the same down there as they are in the States or whether she'll need an adapter for her laptop; and (3) does the Lucerna Hotel have internet access? When I call the hotel I get a travel service, and haven't been able to reach anyone at the center all day. Any assistance appreciated; thank you!

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It depends on who your carrier is for cell phone usage. I have Sprint as my carrier and I was able to make and recieve calls all over TJ , however my husband has Cingular and was not able to get as good as service as I got. I beleive they electrical outlets are the same, I plugged in my blow dryer and it worked fine. The Lucerna has internet acess in the lobby I know that for sure because I used there computer. I do not know about internet access in the rooms. I hope this info was helpful to you and best of luck to you on May 3rd. Dr. Ortiz & Martinez are truly the best! I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am with my decision to go with them as my surgeons.

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I have Verizon cell phone service and my availability to get a signal was "spotty" at best.

The internet is available in the lobby but is for only "quick" checks and is a standing only computer.

The actual outlets are normal as I could plug in my curling iron and such, if that is what you mean.

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