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corrective surgery

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I had to go back into surgery after my doctor could not find my port to get my 3rd fill. They did some x-rays and we could see that the port had flipped completely over. Of course I had to go back into surgery and they found out in the two weeks that we waited the port had flipped completely back over again. They could not tell me how this could have happed. Has this happened to anyone else. It has been less than a week since my recovery and I am worried that it will happen again. I am also depressed because since my initial surgery I have only lost about 10lbs. I know that sometimes that is common for some people, but I want to know what is the common amount of cc's to have filled by now. I only have 2.5cc's but I have seen on this forum that some people alreay have 6cc's. Which is most common? When will I start to lose the weight. I exercise when I can. This time maybe I should stay away from the ab crunches. Someone please just help me with some of these questions.

Minkata :(

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How much fill you get depends on what kind of band you have. The people you're seeing with 6 cc's of fill most likely have the larger VG band which can hold more, while people with the smaller band seem to have somewhere between 1 and 3.

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