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Importance of not drinking with meals

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Just thought I would share with everyone the importance of not drinking with meals. When you have a fill, and literally can see the barium flow thru the band after drinking it, followed with water, you get the oppurtunity to see why drinking with a meal would not be good. I was surprised to see how fast it was, just like water going down a drain. I had a very hard time post-op when on solids before the first fill with drinking during meals. Thought it was "one of the rules" that I talked myself into, saying that I could do that. Just out of habit, not thinking, I would always get a drink when i fixed a meal. Since it was there, I took sips here and there with the meal, because I would talk myself into thinking I was dying of thirst. Not drinking with meals has been tough for me. Since the fill, and actually seeing liquids go through, it has been better. I guess my point is, I felt dieting was always sabatoged by family and friends, the whole social food thing being around people. Now, I am the one who can sabatoge my weight loss. Hmmmm..... :-?

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Hi Teri,

Thanks for sharing! I had the same revelation when I got my first fill. You really get a clear picture (literally!) of what happens when you drink when you eat!

Hey Lori,

How are you doing with your back? I've been thinking about you and wondering. I had back surgery 6 years ago, a fuse between L4 & 5. I hope you are doing well. I think I'm eating way to much. I make good choices but I can eat a LOT at a meal. Pretty much the same as before. I actually gained a pound since my fill. How soon after your first fill can you get another? I understand the fill process that makes the band work, and finding that sweet spot, so I'm not overly concerned. I've tried to stop eating when I think I'm full, but I get hungry again within an hour. So, I tried eating till I'm full and the full feeling lasts for about 5 or so hours. But, I can eat a good cup and a half of food or more with no problems. If that pouch is so small, how does it hold all that food? Yesterday at dinner, I had a whole BLT, and 1 cup of fresh green beans, I could have had even more, 4 hours later I ate again. (?) What do you think? :blink:

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