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I am trying to schedule a fill for Jan 16th. I have to buy my ticket two weeks in advance to get the best rate(the one I can afford). I will be going down and back in the same day (from Washington), so I am having to schedule my time carefully. The OCC's office is closed until the 3rd, which is less than two week out from my appointment, so I would already have had to pay for my flight.

My question...does anyone know if they schedule fill appointments at noon, or 12:30? It is a Tuesday. I would really need to make it then to get back for my plane. Thanks!!!


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I scheduled my fill appointment for 11 am in November but didn't actually get filled until noon. Lots of people came in for their fill that day and I was last in line. Either the doctor takes his lunch later in the day or he waits until there is a break in patients.

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