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trouble getting info

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I was excited about this program after reading all of your posts, however . . . have called down there twice this week and left a message and 2 other times where I was on hold for over 30 minutes before having to hang up. Have never received a call back and I have so many questions. Is this place that busy or that disorganized that they can't respond to inquiries? Is there a better number to call on? Does not look good for their program! Also, has anyone else noticed that on the top of this page it gives the phone number to call and says "a patient" will assist you?

Specific questions - how long from first inquiry until you can schedule your procedure?, what is cost? Is it better to go back there for fills or get it done locally? How do local docs feel if you have had the procedure elsewhere? Does someone have to go with you?

Thanks for your help and support.

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your calling for Dr. Ortiz right? 1-866-376-7849 is Sandy. She is AWESOME about returning phone calls. Don't know about the "patient" thing but she is the US coordinator for Dr. Ortiz as well as a patient of his. try emailing her at sandy@obesitycontrolcenter.com if your not getting through. I have talked to her a dozen times, or left messages and never had a problem at all.

Hmmmm, the homepage I see says "For more information regarding our services, please fill out the contact sheet below. A member of our staff will contact you in the next 48 hours to provide further assistance. You may also call us anytime at 1 866 Dr Ortiz (1-866-376-7849). From outside the United States, please call us at 949-340-0800. " Try this link again.... http://www.obesitycontrolcenter.com/contact.html

To answer some of your questions:

I called, got a return phone call that day and had my surgery scheduled with a phone consult set up for about 3 days later. They usually schedule 2-3 weeks out. I personally chose a much later date (2 months later) because I was still researching and wanted that specific week. They will work with you

The cost is $9500.00 total for Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez (2 man surgical placement team plus an aest. doctor and nurses). It includes the airport p/u and drop off from San Diego, doctors fees, pre op testing, hotel for you and your companion for 3 days, surgicenter fees, nutritionist counseling, travel for companion to visit the surgicenter, and follow up care for life. There are NO additional fees unless you extend your stay and want to pay for additional nights. Also, food is on your own but it is very inexpensive. The hospital will provide you with liquids when you are there.

Check up visits are free. Fills cost $100 copay for the flouro machine and Dr. Martinez is the BEST fill around!

Local doctors are quite snobs here in the US because you get banded in Mexico. I firmly believe it is best to follow up care with the original doctor anyway though. But it can be VERY difficult to find a local care physician in the states. Maybe Dr. Ortiz or Dr. Martinez can reccomend someone as they know many american bariatric doctors.

Someone does not have to go with you. Many people go alone. But it is nice to have a trusted friend to be by your side for the journey and makes the traveling back home MUCH more pleasant! I think you would do fine on your own but I highly suggest bringing a friend or family member for additional support. It is a bit lonely being alone but there are other people that will probably be banded the same day and you will get to know them as your band buddies. I think most people bring "someone" with them but I do know some go at it alone and do just fine.

My only advice when going to mexico.... PACK LIGHT!

Hope this helps some.

Good luck in your decision process!!!

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Congrats Queen on getting your date! Wasn't it for August? WOOO HOOO!

Glad you got a hold of Sandy. She really is a great lady.... just a tad overworked I think. Hopefully, Dr. Ortiz will be adding a new appointment specialist soon for the states.

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Hooray! I finally spoke with Sandy. FYI - they have switched to one of these new phone systems through the computer and are having a lot of problems. We had a very bad connection and they are not getting all of their messages.

That said - I have set my date for July 5!!! It will be MY independance day. Hubby will come along and have lined up a friend to stay with the 3 kids. (the things we'll do to get a private get-a-way with our spouse!)

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