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god forbid

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I am a new member and have been researching this option of surgery for about one year. I have just about enough to get the surgery with Dr. Ortiz. Everybody has such wonderful comments about Dr. Ortiz and his staff which is very reassuring.

However, what would happen if a life threatening mistake was made like...puncturing something like a liver etc.....and you needed maybe 2 more surgeries to fix the problem? What would happen in this circumstance? Who would be responsible for fixing it and paying for it to be fixed. I guess I am wondering what type of recourse is there? This is my major concern.

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I think your concern is very valid. And I can tell you I was very nervous about the same thing. But then again, I found out that almost EVERY bandster is nervous about the surgery for the same reasons. And when Mexico and the stigmatisms are thrown in I think it is worse.

However, I think this is a question for the doctor. Only he can answer this. I know A LOT of people with the band and only know of two issues that caused severe side effects and a lot of complications. Neither of them were Ortiz patients. Ortiz, as what he told me and through my own research, has never "lost" a patient nor has he had a major "oh god I screwed up this person" case. I think the complications that are there are the few % that get them not anything so severe like you are thinking about.

One thing I love about Dr. Ortiz is that he has a "team" of surgeons. He operates as the lead and Dr. Martinez double checks. Then the anest is there over looking too. I definitely think that Dr. Ortiz takes things VERY seriously in the OR and is very proud of being an excellent surgeon and strives for perfection. I am not saying he is perfect, no one is. I am saying that I truly believe he strives for it.

I realize that there are "what ifs" all day long. We all had them. We all felt them. I thought I would be that one Murphy's law case that went totally awry. Didn't happen. I had some issues but it was not at Dr. Ortiz's hands and I always have drama follow me whereever I go anyways. :)

I can say that "IF" a problem arose during or after surgery, Dr. Ortiz is the type of guy who would make it right. I have no doubt in that. He stands by his surgery skills and I like that. I respect that tremendously about him.

Have you had your phone consult with him yet?? I suggest you do and ask him to put some of your fears to rest.

Don't worry hun (I know its easy for me to say now) we all went through exactly the thoughts you had/have. Soon, you will be looking back too and saying, "why did I even stress about it". Your emotions are normal. Closer and closer to band time they may strengthen too, that is okay as well. Again, we all did it.

But to answer your recourse question honestly I have to be blunt. There really is none. Mexico is not governed by legalities and malpractices like the states. It is a definite gamble going to another country for the MUCH lower cost, but feel good in knowing that Ortiz is a definite step in getting one of the best surgeons.

Good luck in your decision hun!

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Thank you so much for responding! You have put my mind at ease greatly. I have not yet had a phone consultation but definitely will with Dr. Ortiz. Thanks again!!! I am just waiting for my loan to go through. I should hear back in about a week. Can't wait!!!

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