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Need a Fill

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Hi all this is the first time I have posted to this group, I have some questions that I was hoping some of you all can help me with.

I need to get a fill asap had my lap band done on 04/07/05. Well anyway, any of you that have been back to get your fill. Did you fly into San Diego and then how did you get to the clinic for the fill , and what are the cost. Sorry for all of the questions at one Time. I am so happy to be a part of this group. And look forward to a long time friendship with you all.

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This is a thread about how some women took the trolley from the airport to TJ it may be helpful to you

Other options are taking a cab to the border from the airport and then a cab from the borderto the clinic or you can have junior come get you ate theairport butr I beleive they charge 65.00 each way

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