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I was wondering if anyone lives in Florida (I live in Naples which is Southwest Florida) that can recommend an aftercare physician? Basically I just want to make sure that I have a doctor closeby if needed. I just need the reassurance of someone nearby.


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Did you ask Dr. Ortiz if he has any associates in Florida who he knwos that will take on patients banded in Mexico? He has associates and Dr's he has trained all over the U.S., it's worth asking if you haven't all ready. Also you can go to Yahoo groups, I believe there is a group called Florida Bandsters who may be able to help you or email Don Mills

at Inamed his emai laddress is Don.Mills @inamed.com

He will send you a list of Inamed Dr's in your area , then just start calling to see if they take patients banded in Mexico

Good Luck :)

You are very wise to line up aftercare in Florida before your surgery. I have seen people who have not to only be forced back to Mexico for their fils and aftercare. I'm fortunate I'm in So Cal. I live close to the border.

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