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Eating Whole Foods

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I wanted to share my experience that I have had recently.

I was banded in Nov 2003, and I lost 70 pounds really fast. For a long period I lost 1 pound a day, and then it leveled off and I didn't lose any more. But I also didn't gain it back. I kept it off. However, I just didn't feel very well. I started excerising by taking walks with my cute little doggie, and did feel a little better doing that, but still I didn't feel very good at all. Even after losing a lot of weight.

I went on vacation and found a book I started reading called "14 super foods that will change your life" There are no big surprises in this book, but what happened to me was surprising. I started eating the foods listed in the book everyday -- whole foods, vegetables, beans, fruits, a wide and colorful variety, yogurt, etc. Within a very short time -- two or three weeks -- I felt fantastic. During my entire weight loss I had been taking vitamin supplements, but it is very clear to me that there are nutrients in whole foods that you cannot get any other way. They are called phytonutrients and there are 10,000 different ones. There is just no way to put them into a pill. The change in me was amazing and how fast it happened is totally amazing.

I had been regularly eating ice cream -- I know it sounds strange -- but I lost a lot of weight eating ice cream. The funny thing is that once I started eating whole foods, ice cream just didn't taste good to me anymore. Now, I have started losing weight again, and my band is unrestricted.

I also had been testing as being diabetic before I was banded and now my blood tests are normal. I am not diabetic anymore.

Sheri in San Diego

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