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banded on january 24

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hello everyone,

I was banded on January 24,2007. Let me tell you, the first few days are horrible... you just look at the protein shakes and say that is all I get.. but I couldnt finish even two ounces of them... sugarfree jello... the best... it has been 11 days since my band and I just got back from the Doctors office. ... I can not believe it... I have dropped 15 pounds in 11days... wow... now I am on to the good stuff... real food...wish me luck...

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I am getting banded this Friday by Dr. Ortiz. I am so excited and ready for the change. I know that the band is fickle at times but I can't wait to step on that scale and watch those pounds melt away!!!

The liquid diet is tough but hopefully I won't be that hungry. It sounds like you are doing good so far. Make sure you chew the heck out of those solid foods and take small bites. From what I hear, it isn't fun when food gets "stuck'.

Keep us updated on your progress.

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