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Choosing Lapband MD

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Hi Barbara,

I was banded by Dr. Ortiz on May 26th. I had narrowed it down between Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Kuri, both practicing in Mexico. I chose Dr. Ortiz because he has more experience and I was able to get more information about him. In addition, I bought and read his book. Finally, it came down to who could do my surgery on the date I wanted. Dr. Ortiz was it! Absolutely best decision I made!!! What a wonderful surgeon!

Good luck!


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I chose Dr. ortiz because of the band doctor in my area told me he was the best and he was the one who trianed him, I figured why not have the teacher instead of the student, plus I was a self pay and it was 3 times lees in TJ then with the other Dr. here in CA. I have not regretted my chopice one single moment. Dr. Ortiz & Dr. Martinez are the greatest caring loving doctors you will ever find. They have been there for me every step of the way during my 15 months as their patient.

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My advice is to research research research each of the doctors.

I had Dr. Ortiz and would have him perform my surgery again. There are excellent docs in Mexico (Ortiz and Martinez are some) and there are BAAAD docs in Mexico. Make sure you do your homework.

Try www.lapbandtalk.com and search around about different doctors in Mexico.

But Ortiz gave me a happy healthy band.

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