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Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama

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I have been out of the loop for some time now. Had first appointment to try and start lap band surgery process but found out I was pregnant. Needless to say, I skipped the appointment. Does anyone know if there have been any new revelations with blue cross/blue shield of Alabama covering this surgery. My polocy will cover gastric bypass but not lap band. That it so crazy.

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hey - i have bc/bs of alabama, and our policy does not cover lap band. a few of us at work called, and they said that they used to cover it, but it has been removed, and is now on some list for review, but with no foreseeable approval. they do cover the gastric bypass though, but you have to jump through some hoops to get approved.

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Hi all....I work in healthcare and deal with many insurance carriers, including the Blue Cross plans. I can tell you if your policy does not cover something, it isn't entirely the big bad insurance carrier. Your employer is the one who decides what they will include in your benefit coverage. My employer does not cover weight loss surgery of ANY kind with the current policy we have. Three years ago, under a different carrier, they did, but only bypass AND with a monetary cap. So if you developed a complication down the road that could be tied to having had WLS, you were screwed if you already used up your allowed coverage. With the new policy, they made the decision not to pay the higher rates for this benefit because THEY didn't feel it was safe. My co-worker and lap band partner and I had surgery 9 months and are doing great! Happy, Healthy and thinner. We haven't lost a day of work since having the surgery.

Knowing you have to start with your employer to make insurance policy changes, we have tried several times to change their minds and allow future coverage for anyone else thinking of the lap band, but have been unsuccessful.


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