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Preop Weight Loss (I'm STUCK!!)

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Good Morning Everyone!

I'm scheduled for surgery 2/22, and am stuck on my preop diet! I've lost 7 of the 15 lbs I was asked to lose and now I've been stalled for a week! I'm drinking nearly 2 gal. water daily, taking the chrom pic. tablets, the fiber tablets, and drinking 3 Glucerna shakes for my "meals". I'm working out w/ a personal trainer that I physcially see twice a week and we talk daily as well as walking on my own for 30 mins a day 5 days a week! I'm seriously at my wits end... I'm physically and emotionally exhausted at this point, and I just don't know what else I can do to lose the rest of the weight. I could cut off a limb, I suppose... but I don't think that's the kind of weight loss they're looking for! :lol: My body fat percentage has gone down since I've been doing all this but the actual weight in lbs is slow going. And I have lymphedema so depending on my legs... my weight flucuates 2-3 lbs with just the fluid I retain. I've emailed Dr. Miranda, but haven't heard anything back yet. ANY help you guys can provide would be great! I'd hate to have all my effort be futile and the surgery be rescheduled.

Thanks alot :)

Lea Anne

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Just keep doing what you are doing and you should be fine. Stick to your pre op diet and loose what you can. I didn't loose all 13 pounds prior to my surgery and everything went fine. However, it is best that you try to drop the pounds requested so that your liver will shrink some prior to surgery.

Sounds like you are really trying so don't beat yourself up about it. Hang in there.

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It sounds to me like with the working out you may be adding muscle - have you checked your inches lost? You can certainly email Dr. Miranda about inches lost and see what she says! Or just call her (ext 86) and review it with her! Or you can call me and we'll call her together!

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I know when I was doing the pre-op diet. I lost initially, then just stuck for what seemed like quite a while. I left for TJ thinking I had lost 8 or so of my 13 to lose, but when I got on their scale it said I lost all 13. Your body is adjusting to what you are doing to it. That is a very good think, it is an amazing body. Give it time. And don't give up. Just trust that if you are doing what you are supposed to, it will be fine.

By the way, you might be adding muscle and losing fat, though it takes a lot of work to add pounds of muscle. But it might also be your legs, or that time of the month, or stress, or nothing. If your body fat percentage is changing though, you are losing fat. So don't worry about the rest.


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Lea Anne,

This may not be the best advice, but I found I wasn't losing any more either when I was only doing shakes. Instead of a shake for dinner, I ate either a lean cuisine or stirfried two ounces of chicken breast with a ton of broccolli. I used PAM, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of rice vinegar and a ton of garlic. I was satisfied, the entire thing was less than 300 calories and I started losing again...

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice guys. I didn't even think about the fact that it IS in fact that time of the month! (I just started!) And my lymphedema has been pretty bad w/ my walking and working out. We did a body fat percentage in Jan. Maybe I can have him take that measurement again so we can see where I am there! My trainer suggested that I eat 4 oz of lean protein and veggies instead of the shakes, but I'm not changing until I talk to Dr. Miranda. If I haven't heard back from Dr. Miranda by tomorrow afternoon, I'll give her a call.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Lea Anne ><'

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Hi LeaAnne

Not trying to make light of your very frustrating situation(we've all been there, and will visit there again)but I did want to add a bit of "light-hearted" advice. Good Luck!! Nita

10 Things To Do Before You Weigh In

10. Remove nail polish.

9. Clip your toenails.

8. Take the ribbon from your hair.

7. Shave your legs.

6. Loofah your elbows.

5. Trim your split ends.

4. Two words: Bikini wax.

3. Blow your nose.

2. Take out your contacts.

1. Exhale!

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Nice one Nita!

As far as your working out....you are changing fat into muscle. I did that from October-Jan. I lost no wieght, but my trainer told me that I turned 29 pounds of fat into muscle. I believe it because my clothes fit great or are too big.

If you can, have your trainer measure you. Mine used a "fat caliper" (?) and did some sort of equation with my weight that came up with what my fat percentage was and what my lean muscle mass is.

Don't get me wrong...a pound is a pound. But if you are noticing a difference in your clothes, you are going in the right direction.

Less than a week now right? (2/22) That's a great date to remember your banding.

Welcome....soon...to lap band life.


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Nita, I love your advice! I'm posting it on my fridge as I keep my scale right next to it as a reminder!

LeaAnne, it sounds like you're doing better than many of us did, so keep up the good work! As long as you're following the rules, don't panic. Everyone's body has a mind of its own, and it's going to react in it's own way to each situation we put it through, and not always how we want it to! I just figure that if we keep doing the right things, eventually we WILL see results!

You'll soon be on your way!


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Hey guys, just an update... got an email from Dr. Miranda today and she says I should lose the rest of the weight or reschedule. Everything is paid in full and I start my new job 2/26! I can't really reschedule at this point. I guess I'm gonna call in the morning and ask Carolyn who I should talk to. Other than my lymphedema and sleep apnea, (and obviously the obesity), I'm healthy.

Thanks for your support and love... it really is great having you all here!

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