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Hi i am new to the board, I am thinking about Lap band surgery, as with the rest of you I am obese, and doctors are telling me close to having Diabetes, so I really need to stop and think about my options.

Is Dr ortiz the only one who performs these surguries, I dont think i could afford to go to Mexico and have the surgery,

also is it worse then having a hysterectomy, I had one back in 99, and cut me from navel to well you know and stapled. I went back to work in 2 weeks my choice since i was told to stay off for 6 weeks, but financially I couldnt. altho i did NO lifting at my job, thought it would be ok, and it was I had no problems.

My pain threshold is pretty high.. where do they cut you at?

if anyone could answer these questions would be awesome!

thanks for your time.

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Hi Trixxy, Welcome

No Dr. Ortiz is not the only Dr. who preforms this surgery. There are doctors all over the U.S. Do you have insurance that will cover the surgery? Many of us go to Mexico becasue our insurance does not cover it and it is so much cheaper then having it done in the U.S. when we are paying out of pocket, also many of the doctors in Mexico are more experienced in this surgery then in the U.S.

The incisions you will getfrom this surgery are so small you can barely see them after you are healed since it s done lapriscopically. You have 4 incisions the only one that is noticable is the port incision and it is about an inch long if that. The others are so tiny , barely noticable. Where is it that you live? Www.lapband.com is a site where you can find a doctor in your area, click on the surgeon locator tab at the top of the page. If you plan to pay out of pocket, it will be approx 4000-10,000 more in the states

Another great site of info is www.lapbandtalk.com

Good Luck on your decision :)

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Yes i have insurance, and i believe that it will cover most of it since my doctor really wants me to lose weight, i need to lose like 150 to 170 lbs, and on the verge of health problems. i was just curious as to what you all mean by fills, and needing that done?

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Hi Trixxy!

It sounds like you are still in the learning process about Lap Band surgery. I would go to the original OCC website & read all the information about the surgery. (www.obesitycontrolcenter.com) It will explain everything you need to know about the fills & other questions you had. It is very informative!! I also reccomend that EVERYONE order Dr. Ortiz book - Lap Band For Life. It is very good & easy to read. It answers every question anyone would ever have about Lap Band Surgery & more!!

Just so you know, most of us who are going to Dr. Ortiz in Mexico either do not have insurance or their insurance does not cover WLS. However, through my study, I believe that Dr. Ortiz is the absolute BEST doctor to perform this surgery!! I looked into Mexico because the cost is much less. What I found out is that I will have a doctor who is one of THE BEST lap-band surgeons in the industry. He has trained most of the doctors in the US. Even if my insurance did cover the cost, I truly would go to Dr. Ortiz because I know I'm in the best hands.

I have not yet had my surgery, but I have been studying the topic for 2 years. I will get to officially meet Dr. Ortiz in 10 days & can't wait!! :D I feel very good about my decision to go to Mexico!!

Good luck Trixxy!!


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I just got banded yerterday and I am up and about. I went to the beach today. Yes, there was some pain, but I am dealing. I think that today is one of the happiest days of my life. I haven't eaten real food in two days now and I am not hungry. Dr. Ortiz is one of the best in the industry, I would definitely recommend him and his crew. The hotel, the clinic, and the staff are all very nice. The surgery is actually quite simple and shouldn't be compared to gastric bypass. I am so looking forward to this next chapter of my life.

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