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Getting band on 02/27/07

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Hello All,

I new to this site and i enjoying reading the posts. im getting band on 02/27/07. i am so excited but kinda nervous to. I'm in Tennessee and Dr. Tichansky in Memphis is my sugeron. I will love to hear any advise, insights or anything that is useful. i love to read sucessful stories


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Good luck to you! I was banded on Feb. 9th by Dr. Ortiz and the experience was terrific. I did not get any gas pains in my shoulder that you hear about. I think that walking after the surgery really helps with gas.

I normally keep a water bottle with me at all times full of juice or flavored water like Crystal Light. When I get hungry, I take a few sips of flavored water and I feel better. Remember that you will have some mental hunger when you smell foods. Be prepared for that struggle at first. It does get easier day by day. I also like to drink suger free hot cocoa when I have a sweet tooth. Once you can have full liquids, try Campbell Soup At Hand (sip cup style) in Velvety Potato and Cream of Broccoli. They taste good and you get full off them.

Let us know how you do!

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I was banded just 20 days ago and am having a rough time but still think it is worth it. I've already lost 19 lbs. My advice is have a good support system at home. My boyfriend stayed home with me for over a week and made all the difference in the world to me. Fat free fudgesicles are only 70 calories and they taste great-they've been my saving grace when I want something sweet. Good luck

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Guest blueskies7890

Hi Shell,

I was banded one day after you. How are you doing? I'm hanging in there. I thought I had kicked the gas pains, but they came back, now in a different place! Those buggers! Trying to walk a lot. I'm still on clear liquids, how about you? Getting real tired of broth. I'm practically hitting a different restaurant everyday in search of some type of new broth (wonton soup broth is the current fave).

Well hope you're doing well :)

talk to ya later!

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