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local doctor on stand-by

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okay...i am scheduled for surgery on 3/8 and have just started to get a tiny bit nervous...nothing major, but just little thoughts like "am i going to be okay...what if my body rejects it..." and all that. i have never had any type surgery, so i am sure that is part of it.

here is my question for today...am i supposed to already have a local dr. on stand-by in case of an emergency? because i don't. i have just sort of pushed that to the back of my mind until today for some reason. does dr. ortiz give the names of dr.'s in your local area that will treat you? i know some doctors will refuse to treat you if you had your work done by another surgeon.

i read a post here earlier where someone had to call dr. ortiz on his cell, and his reply was "you need to get to a dr. for an unfill..." and i am not sure i would know where to go or what to do?...HELP.

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I work in Crime Prevention for a living, and I am a huge fan of "PREVENTION". Also known as being prepared. Have phone numbers, addresses, rides, etc.

Where do you live? Find out before hand if there is a fill center near you, or at least where the closest one it. Have the number handy in the event you need it.

I encourage you to tell your primary care provider about your band. When I went to the hospital emergency room, I told them right away. I was afraid they would look at me or treat me differently. Almost like I was the first every emergency patient with "the band from Mexico"! Well, they didn't. They treated me great and treated me like I would expect to be treated anywhere.

My expectation of myself is to be upfront and honest with any care provider with my band. It is also a good idea to keep track of what medications you are on and how much the dose it. I find swallowing pills interesting because I don't know how they go down now that I am banded. Sometimes they feel like they get stuck. But they stay in, so that is important.

Being banded is different than anything I've ever done in my life. Everyday it's new, exciting, confusing, frustrating, and my best friend. What a ride.

Burpping in the Creek....M B)

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