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Support after Surgery

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I would love to know what reactions any of you have had from others about your weight loss. Have you lost friends? Have people treated you differently? Has it all been positive?

I am counting the days until I will be banded. (10 days to be exact!!!) :) However, I am a little concerned at how my family & friends will react to my weight loss. I have several sisters who are all overweight. Being fat is our topic of choice!! When ever we're together, we have great times talking about our fat experiences. Just recently we all had a great laugh when I told them of what it was like to try on swim suits at the store. ;) I also have friends who are overweight as well & I'm not sure what they're going to think about it all.

My sisters all know about my upcoming surgery & they seem interested in it & want me to share my experience. However, they have also made comments about not being able to laugh with me anymore once I lose the weight. :(

I want to be prepared for negative reactions. Any insight I can get from all of you would be great!!

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I think most commonly I have come across the "talk behind her back" attitudes or the "look" complete with the wrinkled up nose and all. I have personally encountered a lot of jealousy and envy I think. No one has said "its the easy way" to me yet, but then again, I don't usually let them get that out. I change the topic. I tell them bluntly if they want to research it a little more and not make ignorant comments, only THEN will I answer the questions.

I am a very blunt person. So if someone wrinkles their nose at me, I stop mid sentence and just walk away. If they ask me why, I tell them that their attitude sucks and they are not being supportive so I choose not to talk to them about it.

My skinny friends don't even ever talk about it. Never a word really. My heavier friends are more the "wrinkle noses" and the "talk behind my back".

I can't lie and say I haven't lost some friends over this. But, I can say that some people are seeing my success and going and having it done too.

As for family, I come from an all obese family and they have all had either stomach stapling years ago or gastric bypass. The only thing I got from them was the comments of "you weren't as big as me when I did it" (as if it was a contest). But they aren't down on WLS. They are all for it. They tell me they are a bit envious that I did it when I saw it coming at obese stage rather than waiting till I was MO.

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I only told 2 people I was having it done before surgery and neither one of them was my husband. I only see him on the weekends and I didn't want to hear his snide comments about exercising or dieting. The weekend after I returned from surgery, I told him, but only because I was in a lot of muscle pain. He chuckled and shook his head. I could tell he was thinking "great, another weight loss fad". He never said another word about it and neither did I. I told another close friend after I got back and saw the same reaction. I decided to hell with them all - if I'm asked what I am doing to lose weight I will tell them I am eating better, eating less and exercising. It's the truth!


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I have been very fortunate..I have gotten nothing but 100% support from all of my family & friends.

I have told anyone and everyone who asks how I lost my weight, Iam pproud of my success and I want the world to know what a wonderful tool the Lap Band is. I have been able to help several others proceed with getting their Lap Bands just from my success. 3 of them went to Ortiz & Martienz and 2 others had it done here in CA because their insurance approved them.

I have a restaraunt and all of my customers are very supportive, I get compliments on how great I look every singleday and that just keeps me motivated to succeed even more :)

Anybody who is not supportive of me, I do not consider a true friend then and do not want them in my life anyways...

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I only told one person in my office whom I trust; she told me the others are dying to know if I "had something done". They are nosy bodies & I just don't feel like telling them! Maybey down the road, but it's strictly a personal decision. My family has been very suportive.

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