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"fallen off the wagon"

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I am a married, 50 year old, Caucasian male, computer consultant from the Dallas, TX area.

I was banded in September 2003 by Dr. Stephen Hamn of Plano, TX, who is an excellent surgeon and did a great job.

Over a period of months, I can down from 376 gradually, losing about 100 pounds in less than a year, mostly following

the Atkins Diet (which I'd used in college 25+ years ago to lose a considerable amount of weight).

For some reason, though, even though I got a couple of fills, I "fell off the wagon" (as the old whinos would say).

Right now, I'm having major cravings, especially for sweets. Someone suggested that I might have food allergies,

especially to sugar. I'm considering going back to my NAET doctor to see what she has to say.

Also, I believe I might have stretched my pouch out of shape as I feel that I can physically eat way too much

(like a whole hamburger).

I've been reading a lot lately about diets and liver toxicity, which I believe might be at least a little applicable in

my case as I've long had "fatty liver".

Drinking more water (up to a gallon a day now) and taking some supplements over the past few weeks has made

me feel a bit better, but I've probably put on about 25 pounds since Christmas and am back up to about 320.

Could I have some suggestions/help/criticism/fussing about things that I might try to regain control?

Thanks, in advance, for your patience, understanding, and help!


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