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love our bands

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Hubby and I were both banded first part of this year. We haven't had any complications. Only wish we had done this sooner. I have gone from a size26/28 to a tight 16, hubby has gone from a 5/6X to a 2X and now squeezing in size 44 pants. We have tons of energy and a new zest for life. It's like we have a mini-support group. It's so nice to fit in not stick out. I haven't lost weight in about 2 months, totally my fault, but, if I were to stay at this weight I still the consider the band a tremendous success. We have both had only one fill, at this point I don't intend to get any more. Good luck all.....................Gabby

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Gabby, that is so great to hear that you and hubby had the band done together and you are both so successful. Your right when you say it is like having a mini support group. I'm so happy for you both. I wish you both continued success




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