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banded July 5

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I did it! Arrived at the airport on July 4 and waited over 2 hours for our ride (note - holiday weekend traffic back from MX will really slow down drivers at the border and traffic was a mess). My husband who wasn't really sure of this to begin with got a little heated). Then our car arrived and we were joined by Deborah (March bandster) and her husband who was to be banded with me. Increased our comfort level immediately! Met nice people at the office as I had blood work done. Dragged husband into meeting with nutritionist and cardiologist so that his questions would be answered too. (Note - only 2 out of 5 banded that day had someone with them - many come alone and it quickly becomes a tight group!). The hotel was so much nicer than we expected and we had a room with a balcony overlooking the pool. The upscale restaurant was great for my "last supper" and it was so relaxing. The next morning all 5 bandsters met in the lobby to be taken to the clinic (spouses too). I was last to go in from the waiting room but Dr. Ortiz came out and was so friendly calming me down - what a cutie! Dr. Ortiz comes into your room pre-surgery and goes over everything. I had also come up with a list of questions and he was very thorough. The nurse had already put a port in my hand for the IV and I walked myself into the OR. I remember getting on the OR bed and they asked me to count as they hooked up the IV. I only remember counting to 3 and I was out. Woke up in my room with hubby at my side and an oxygen mask on my face which they then removed. I was groggy but felt OK. Dr. Ortiz said my procedure took 22 minutes which is average. (4 small incisions plus the port incision) Husband went back to hotel and I slept. (room was nice with beautiful view of the golfcourse - no private bathroom though - must walk down the hall). Watched tv and read. Next morning Dr. Martinez came in to check me and go over everything. What a nice guy - a great team! I was dressed and back at the hotel within an hour. Husband and I took a cab to the artist's market and then a walk on Revolution where all the shops are. I was tired after about an hour so we cabbed it back ($5 each way). Chicken broth for dinner in the hotel. Husband left early for home and I sat at the pool for over 2 hours with fellow bandsters - my new friends. Don't be afraid to go by yourself! You will be well taken care of.

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