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Typical Meals

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Typical day:


small bowl of cereal


a few grapes


1/2 chicken breast

maybe some soup, some salad, or some veggies (depending on my mood)


2 slices of turkey with gravey

1/2 c. mashed potatos

about 6-7 cut green beans

cookie for desert


apple (chunked, cored, and peeled)

Obviously I don't eat the SAME thing every day. But this is a typical day of a meal for me.

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Strictly protein

scrambled egg whiteswith either 1/2 chicken breast or 1/2 turkey burger patty


1/2 chicken breast with small salad


some kind of protein ( steak, chicken or fish)

veggie, usually green beans or asparagus

fresh fruit like watermelon or cantaloupe

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Breakfast is usually a packet of maple oatmeal with 1/4 cup raisins or blueberries added; for either lunch or dinner I will have some type of salad with protein ( usually chicken, fish, shrimp or crab); throw in some fresh corn on the cob lately or some Veg All and I'm good to go. If I snack, I try to snack on fruit but every now and then I need some type of handful of munchies. Was having a hard time getting the protein in for breakfast but someone recently mentioned beef jerky is a great protein source so I bought some 97% fat free jerky from Sam's Club. Not bad! :)


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