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3-days post-op!

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Hi Everyone!

I had my surgery done July 14th and returned home last night!! I thought I would give an overview of my experience in Mexico.

Thursday morning my husband and I were picked up at the San Diego airport & taken across the border directly to the clinic. It was about a 20 min. drive. Once we got to the clinic, everyone was very friendly & spoke very fluent english. You meet other people who are having the surgery the same day & you feel very comfortable. Mrs. Ortiz (Dr. Ortiz's mother) is a hoot!! She is a lot of fun & will make you feel right at home. She will take you around to all the tests & then drop you off at your hotel. The tests were all very easy & normal procedures you would have done at your regular doctor's office. They had an opening to have the surgery that day & I choose to have it done instead of wait until the next morning. After all the tests, I was taken to the hospital which is a very modern & well-maintined. I was very impressed that it smelt so good!! ;) All the nurses were very friendly & I never felt uncomfortable at all. Some of them don't speak very much english, but it didn't seem to be a problem. They knew exactly what to do & were very happy & accomodating. Dr. Ortiz came into my room & went over the procedure!! He is a very nice man who has a great sense of humor. I felt like he knew me!! He explained everything that was going to be happening & went over any questions we had. I felt like I was in very good hands!!

The surgery took about 45 min. When I awoke, I felt a minimal amount of pain & was quite surprised that it didn't hurt more. They gave me ice chips & juice to drink & I felt good. I was up & walking within an hour. I spent most of the evening talking with the other patients in the rooms next door & we all agreed how easy the procedure was. I slept great the night & was even able to sleep on my side. I went to my hotel room the next day & only felt a minimal amount of pain. You would have never known I had surgery the night before!!! :D

My husband & I spent the next 2 days walking around Tijuiana & visiting with the other bandster patients. The hotel was very accomodating with the food choices for us. They have great chicken broth, jello, & juices.

I was EXTREMELY happy with how my surgery went in Mexico & felt very comfortable!! I can't wait to return in 6-8 weeks when I get my fill!!


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COngratulations, that is great!

I am so glad everythingwent so smoothly for you and you were happy with your experience in Mexico..I think Dr. Ortiz & martinez are the most caring Dr.'s I have ever met. I havebeen very happy with the care I have recieved from them. I wish you lots of success with your band :)

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