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how much did your lapband cost in mexico?

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hello, I am considering band surgery but cannot affor the cost in nashville tennessee. I have been looking at the cost for lap band surgery in Costa Rica which is $8,000. all-inclusive. Can someone please tell me what they are charging in Cancun or TJ?

thank you for your help.

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Hi Debbie I'm going to Mexico next month and having surgery with Dr. Ortiz and it will cost me $9500.00 I have to pay for airfair myself. The price is worth it to me after looking at all the other Dr.'s both my husband and me feel very comfortable with Dr. Ortiz. :rolleyes:


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Hi Debbie,

Dr. Ortiz charges $9500 which covers the surgery, pre work, hotel stay for surgery and all fills. I believe there is a $100 charge for the fluro for fills and of course transportation and hotel costs for fill appts if you choose to stay overnight. Hope that helps. Good luck


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