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What should I take to the hospital?

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:) Hello Everyone! I am so excited...my surgery date is August 3rd and I can't wait. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should take with me the day of the procedure. I think I remember someone saying GasX but what else? I was also wondering if it is normal that I have not heard anything from Dr.Ortiz's office. After booking my surgery and faxing the medical history and paperwork in, I have not heard from anyone except Rene...and that was when I gave him my flight info. I assume that I was not expected to start a pre-op diet or anything. Any help or advice would be great! Thanks!!!!


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If you were to go on a pre op diet, you would have known. So no worries!

Have you had a phone consult with Dr. Ortiz??? If not, call and tell them you would like one and they will set up a time and day for a phone consultation. Dr. Ortiz will answer any and all questions.

Other than that, you will recieve a confirmation about a week before you go to TJ from Rene. You have to fax or mail a copy of the payment check to them a week prior to coming. Other than that, you just show up. There will be a driver with your name on a board at the airport baggage area. They will whisk you away and everything will happen in a blink.

About the hospital, I would bring next to nothing! A heating pad, gasx and flavored water (no carbonation) is all you will need. Also bring some socks or booties. I opted for the huge pink fuzzy slippers and that made me feel better. I also took my own pillow.

I had a TON of stuff I brought to TJ I never used. It is a huge healing time and you won't be bored. I did bring my portable DVD player and watched a few movies at the hotel.

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I would recommend choosing loose clothing for immediately after banding. For one thing, you're going to be lounging around, and for another thing, your stomach will still be puffy from the gas and surgery and IV fluids. Think in terms of elastic-waist shorts/capris and a loose t-shirt. You may find that your bra (particularly if underwire) irritates the incision that is highest, usually in the center at your xyphoid. I wore a sleep-bra home on the plane, but I didn't wear a bra again for three or four days.

You are going to be so happy you did this! I have never regretted it for a single minute. Good luck!


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well kathy,

i am a little worried because of the fact that i'm having surgery in T.J. and i do not know ANY SPANISH! also.... i'm worried able the fact that i only need to lose 65-70 lbs and it might not come off as fast. i'm just trying to decide if this is right for me with a BMI of 35?


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You don't need to know spanish - all of the doctors and nurses speak english, although a few of them don't speak a lot of english. Although my BMI was higher, I have heard of people having the surgery done who only needed to lose 70lbs or so. Follow what the doctors tell you and I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck


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