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Bored with Fruity & Brothy Flavors


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I am 8 days post banding. So Far, other than some actual wound healing pain, so good. I have been drinking Gatorade, tea, chicken and beef broth, and even heated up V8 juice(hate it cold!) thinned with broth. I have been drinking clear Isopure for protein - at least 60g to 80g each day. Today I had some soy milk - it was soooo yummy. Can't do cow's milk - it makes me too gassy, and with the gas that's already here I would explode! I am not physically hungry - first time in my life!!! My issue is that I am bored with the mostly fruity flavors that I am having. Does anyone have any suggestions to spice up, or change up my flavors? I figure that I am not having great quantities of stuff, so I'd really like to go for quality and taste.

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:rolleyes: Eight days post-op, I've lost 10 pounds! I can't believe it, but then again, I'm only on clear liquids and really not hungry. So that's been nice. I can totally understand where you are coming from girl barrie, I too am completely bored with clear liquids and need some changing up. I wish I could help you there!!


July 30, 2004

237/227/199 (mini-goal)

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Hi there,

I am now one full month post-banding. Everything has been very easy going. I lost 28 lbs. during the liquid phase!!! It was a miracle, but then I gained about 5 lbs. back when I started eating solids. :angry:

I am so grateful for the fact that I am eating approximately half of my pre-banding food quantities, but I am aware that I'm still making poor food choices (Too many carbs! My perennial downfall.) But, then again, if I was able to be in control of my eating, I would have just dieted, and not needed the band. :wacko:

I need to get a fill in 2 weeks, and we'll see how that helps. I am completely able to eat everything, even the stuff that other bandsters say that they have great difficulty with, as long as I chew well. After my fill, I'm going to attempt to keep the liquid phase going for as long as I can, mostly because I am terrified of my love affair with the food that is out to kill me! I'm O.K. with being bored of the flavors - funny how perspective changes - as long as I can experience some more weight loss, after all that is the reason for my getting the band.

How are you guys doing?



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Why are you getting a fill so soon? I am sort of thinking I need one but thought you were supposed to get one after 2 1/2 to 3 months. I will hit the one month mark next Wednesday and I don't feel like the band is doing much. I can eat practally everything and I have no problem with digestion. My appetite is smaller but not that much. And I get hungry soon after I eat. I'm losing weight but I am also doing great on a low carb diet. I kinda feel like I'm doing it without any help from the band. Maybe I need a fill??


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