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Side effects of being "full"

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I was wondering how different people feel when they reach the "full" sensation. I had my second fill a few weeks ago and I must say I think it is just about right. I can only eat a little before I get the discomfort in my chest. Sometimes I can feel when the food actually moves through. I can feel water moving through and can't drink as fast as I used to. The one strange thing I am feeling is a mild discomfort in my jaw when I am full. Although I can't prove it I believe it has to be related to my band. I only have the feeling after I eat and it lasts till the discomfort in my chest subsides. Now when I say discomfort in my chest it is minor most times unless I really forgot to chew something good and I get the really bad blockage.

My only other issues from being full are the hiccups and constant little burps.

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