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i am awaiting surgery

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my name is heather i am 17 years old and i am waiting to have the surgery done i weigh 362 lbs:( (yes i know its alot) i have talked to some people there and they have told me i have to be 300 lbs to have the band out in i most deff. wanna get it done :D i have tried everything i have been overweight all my life and now i just am waiting to have this done to start a new i don't have to worry about going outside and people making fun of me i can't wait to have this done :D Until December B)

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Heather you keep on track and God will help give you what you need!

I had weight loss surgery 15 yrs ago and gained all the weight back, in June I had the lap band and am doing great.

My 20 yr old daughter is having the lap band on 9/2/04.

You just have to know that this is a tool to help you be successful to lose weight!

God bless and good luck.

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