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Fill Doctors in Florida??

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I am in Orlando and know there is a Fill Centers USA location within 2 hours from me. I am trying to stay away from the Fill Centers USA location in Tampa. I've read too many negative comments about this location.

Where is everyone in Florida getting their fills? I would really like to have the first few fills with fluro (figure I've invested way too much $$ into this for a blind fill).

The whole malpractice/medical insurance situation in Florida is totally out of hand. I've called a ton of surgeons in the area and no one is willing to take patients banded in Mexico. What was most surprising to me is that Dr. Lee Grossbard (who was trained in Mexico, is one of the co-founders of Fill Centers USA and was banded by Dr. Ortiz) won't take patients banded by Dr. Ortiz either! *sigh*

I am willing to travel anywhere in the state for a fill doctor that uses fluro and won't bankrupt me in the process. (Heard Dr. Kim is great, but $1000 just to be accepted as a patient is a little crazy.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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