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Slipping Signs

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I was wondering if any of you have had your band slip or if you know what some of the signs are. My band is not working the way that people say it should. My eating is restricted to very small bites and eating vey slowly, but I do not get that full feeling. I always beleived that you have a small stomach up top that acts like an hour glass and food slowly goes to the bottom stomach. My band seems to hurt if food is backed up. I have to eat a bite and wait for it to go through before I can eat another bite. I've had 2 fills and am currently at 2cc. I got my surgery in May and have lost no weight yet. I am frustrated but not giving up hope.


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Windy, if your band had slipped you would most likely not be able to get any food or liquids down without vomiting instantly.

What you have explained is exactly how I feel it with my band...My band hurst too if food is backed up, I have lost 95 lbs. There is what some of the veteran bandsters call of soft stop, it is a small subtle signal that you are full..for example, some get a runny nose, some get a pain in their shoulders, some get hiccups. For me I get an instant ice cream headache, it is my signal telling me I'm full..Next time you eat, pay attention to a signal or a sign. If you are waiting for the full feeling we used to get after eating a huge meal; it will never happen. Most bandsters do not ever experience that " thanksgiving Full, I got to unbutton my pants" feeling anymore. This is where the head work comes in. Eat for 20 minutes, then stop. You know you are getting in enough calories and nutrition so try to let the head tell your body OK, I'm not going to starve, I have eaten, time to stop. Also some of it can be from the foods you are eating, softer foods will drop through the band where you can feel it more. It has been 16 months for me and I have never gotten that full feeling, it just doesnt happen like it did pre band. You know the saying, " Just because we can does not mean we should" so you can eat more, does it mean you should? Will you starve to death if you stop eating? The band does not do all of the work, we have to do some of the work too, like stop eating even though we do not feel full. One thing that works great for me is when I go out to dinner, the minute my meal arrives I ask for a box and put half of it away to take home before I even start eating. This way I am not temtped to eat more then I really should or need. Eat off a smaller saucer size plate, use a small crab fork all of these things help with portion control.

I hope some of this info is helpful to you..Hang in there. Dont give up! :)

You can do this!

If I can help you in any way, email me

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