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I cheated when I got banded..??

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Hi I am going for my first fill May 12th which will be my 6 weeks.. I was faithful to liquids for the first week.. I started to pick at a few things during my second week.. I did PB 2 times. Nothing hurts and I really believe everything is ok.. has anyone cheated like this..??? Please let me know your story.. I am going on my 3rd week and I am trying to stay faithful to creamy liquids. I am just HUNGRY.. I have lost 10 pounds since my surgery.. I am just nervous about the effect picking on the solid foods had on my band...

Kinda worried...


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If we were all perfect we wouldn't have needed the band so I'm sure you are not alone. I did follow the post op diet to the letter because i wanted to do everything possible to make sure that band was stiched and healed in place. That's why you are on that diet - your stomach has to move alot to digest food and you don't want that going on while you are healing.

You most likely have not slipped your band as you would know it but why continue to risk it? Dr. Ortiz had a patient that ate some chicken a few days after surgery and slipped her band and others have too.

Stop now and think about why you got this band and make a commitment to follow the diet to the letter - pbing this early in the game is asking for trouble. please think about what you are doing and follow the rules!

good luck

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