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Drinking Alcohol...how soon?

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I rarely drink...and if I do, it does not take much anymore since I have had my band..so be careful. I have heard the same thing from many veteran bandsters that they can not drink as much as they did pre band witout getting too tipsy.

Also when you drink, make wise choices with your calories. Liquid calories will kill us..

When I do drink which again is rare ..I use Malibu rum, with a mango tropical fruit juice from Minute Maid it has 10 calories per serving and a serving is 12 oz. It comes in a soda can in the soda aisle at the grocery store.. Makes a nice low cal cocktail

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Well, that's good news (I won't be spending as much on liquor) but how long did you all wait to drink after you had your surgery? The carbonation isn't much of an issue with me as I drink cosmos (cranberry, vodka, triple sec & lime) and I already use diet cranberry anyways. I was just wondering how many weeks post-op it would be safe to drink an alcoholic beverage? How long was it before you had your 1st drink?

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