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What can I expect from my first fill?

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Hi everyone. I am planning on going back down to TJ for my first fill around September 19th, and I was wondering what to expect. Will I be picked up from the airport like I was before, or do I have to find my own transportation to the office? I was planning on staying at the Lucerna again, but if I have to drive myself over the border, I may just stay in San Diego. What does everyone recommend? And what is the actual fill experience like? What exactly do they do? Is it painful? Am I supposed to go back on liquids again before and/or after? Thanks!



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You can arrange to be picked up at the airport but for a fee of 55$ each way...My fills have never been painful..Dr. Martinez is very good at giving fills. The only thing I felt a little unconfortable with was whene he extracts all of the air out of the tubing before he fills you, just alot of pressure for a few seconds, this is only for the first fill and never is done again in future fills. If it were me I would reccomend staying at the Lucerna in the event you are too tight you can always go back to his office to get a little unfill. I would hate to see you have a problem with liquids and be back in Sand DIego or bertter yet on an airplane home..this has happened to others. After a fill you go on liquids for 3 days.

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Pick up by center staff at the airport is $65 I think round trip??? But shell says 55, so call and check.

Many people (like me) just give ourselves a couple hours to dawdle our way down there by bus and trolley (about $5) but takes some finesse and street common sense. Some people don't even want to mess with it or the hassle. I think of it as an adventure!

I was told in May to do liquids for 24-48 hours after my fill. That may have changed to 3 full days... (to be quite honest, I will probably not be doing and just do about 36-48 hours instead).

Fill was not "painful" for me but stung a little bit. Like a bee sting. Was a bit surprising but not really "painful", more uncomfortable. It made me take a deep gasp at first but not so painful I was crying or screaming or anything drastic. When they take the air out it felt like I was tight and had pressure but still not painful. The wierdest thing was this big long needle ( I choose not to look at it, it bothers me) sticking out and sitting up with it boinging around while he adds and takes out fluid. Was strange, but still not painful. The barium taste is gross but I guess not as gross as it used to be before they added some flavor. I gagged a bit but I got it down with some effort.

I recommend staying in San Diego only for the atmosphere and more "to do". There is only so much Tijuana shopping I can do in their stores. I wanted to do more beachy stuff so I am going to stay in San Diego. I am going with my hubby on Sept 24 for my second fill.

This is just my experience. And a warning.... I am a big baby so I don't think I am the norm. Most people say it is a breeze and didn't feel nothing. Although in my experience thus far it was fairly easy, there was definitely feeling to it.

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I had my first fill by Dr. Martinez on August 1, 2005. I live in Orange County (so about 1 1/2 hours), and having only been to Mexico once before for the surgery and having never driven, a friend went with me and we drove down. I got insurance just this side of the border (it was $17). Once over the border, it took about 15 minutes to drive there (stay to the right), and I parked under the building in a pay parking lot (for $3). It really isn't bad to drive now that I've done it. As far as the fill, I too am a big baby with needles, and was surprised it didn't hurt. It was fun to watch on the flourascope as you get the fill and watch the actual restriiction. Dr. Martinez is wonderful at the fill. You do stay on liquids for for 3 days after (went back to the shakes). I am not scheduled to go down until the holidays now.

Oh, and don't eat before you go. They'll tell you when to stop eating or drinking anything before your appointment.

Hope this helped :)

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