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Endoscope - LoriBecky??

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we don't perform those at our office, but we have a doctor that we use. I've heard he's very good!

Just call Rene at the clinic 1-866-376-7849 ext. 83 if you'd like to schedule one. I believe its $250 and you get a report and I believe digital images or a video, but check that with Rene.

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When I had my surgery Dr. Ortiz recommended it - most erosions begin long before anyone has any symptoms - if everything looks ok at 2+ years out then I guess it is pretty good indicator you are going to be able to keep the band - (not talkig about slippage that can happen anytime due to other reasons).

I'd rather be safe then sorry and get it checked early as erosion only worsens etc.

I'm not experiencing any problems per se but again just for ease of mind. I am almost at 2 years. I am also moving back east and wanted ortiz to do it if possible and/or a doc in mexico - cheaper etc.

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