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Pregnancy Post Banding

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I have been banded about a week now, and everything has been so smooth and easy. I've lost 5 lbs. in 5 days! I haven't thrown up at all. I do burp a lot. Is that normal?

I spoke with someone a few days ago who's been banded for about 2 years, and she got pregnant a few months after the banding procedure. Unfortunately, she miscarried. She now says that she feels like the banding had something to do with her unsuccessful pregnancy, since she had two kids and never had a problem before. Should I be concerned? One reasons I chose to do the lapband was to get healthy before having more children and because it allows you to still get pregnant safely. Is it safe. Should I be taking more vitamins. How long should I wait post surgery to get pregnant?

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There have been A LOT of band babies. There could have been many things that contributed to a miscarriage. For example, her age. I am assuming since she already had two kids she is a bit older (I could be wrong). But the older you get the harder a pregnancy is regardless of the number of kids. And sometimes there isn't a reason at all, it is just because.

There is a lot of information about pregnancy with the band on www.lapbandtalk.com, they may be able to help you more.

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