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Hi, I am in Phoenix and I am looking at getting the procedure done. Can anyone give me some information on where the OCC is located, what exactly are "fills" (did not come across that while researching this), and the cost of the procedure. I would very much appreciate it and look forward to having this done. :)

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Hi, OCC in located in Tijuana, Mexico. Don't be scared off by that, as it is a wonderful facility and the care you get from all the doctors, nurses and staff is excellent, better than I've ever received here in the states. The cost (as of last Dec/06) was $8500, no hidden costs. You will need to have your first fill approx. 6 to 8 weeks later, their cost for that is $100, but you may find someone locally to do that if you don't want to travel back to TJ. The fills are when the insert a needle through your port site and they inject a small amount of saline solution, which will fill a tiny intertube (for lack of better description) that is inside your band. That is how they adjust the amount of restriction you have, and the amount of food you are able to consume at one time. It sounds scary, and I hate needles, but it was very painless, much easier than a blood test, and quick. You could write Lori through this site and get more information. Good Luck!


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