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Im banded and home

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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know I was banded on Friday, and made it home ok. Dr. Orizt and his staff are more then I could have expected. I had to wait 1hr for my room, and Dr. Ortiz kept coming out and talking with me then he walked me to my room when it was ready. Then he would go do a surgery and come back sit down and talk to me and my sister some more. He is the best. I don't even feel like I had surgery. Like I've hered alot if it wasn't for the incisions I wouldn't think anything was done. Anyways sorry for going on just really impressed with Dr. Ortiz and everyone their. Also met some really nice people getting their bands also, found out one of them only lives 1/2 hr. away from me. Anyways anyone who will be going soon don't be nervous everything is GREAT!!!

Melissa :D

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I will be banded two weeks from today and I need the reassurance. I am excited, but nervous, too. Change is really hard for me- even positive change. I find myself thinking what I will do if it's not eating? What will give me instant pleasure to pick up my mood if it's not a treat? I know it's been a dysfunctional system, but it's been MY system, afterall. I look forward to finding support from this site after, as well as I have now. Thanks to all who take the time to share; it's what helped me decide to go for it.

Leah :D

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Melissa, I'm glad everything went well for you! And I agree, Dr Ortiz is AWESOME!!! I was surprised out how nice everyone was and how smoothly everything went (and let me tell you, I hate Dr's and I'm EXTREMELY picky!) So take it from a true critic, he's the BEST!

Leah, about the feeling of needing food as a pick me up... I'm sure all of us have felt that way or we wouldn't be overweight in the 1st place. I have an office job, so I would always snack on something in the afternoon - crackers, candy, nuts, etc - junk- out of boredom and trying to satisfy the hunger. And don't let me get started on the Ice Cream at night!!! I'm 7 days out, and since I'm on this liquid diet I ain't gonna lie, it's pretty tough, BUT I'm not hungry all the time and I chew gum which seems to help too for the boredom, and at night I have a popsicle or jello and it cures my need for something sweet. Just always keep in mind the big picture - how wonderful it is going to feel to be the "normal" weight & have energy to do the things you want & that certainly helps me keep my perspective. :) And, in just a few weeks, I can eat regular (healthy) food again, so hey, there's not a lot to lose except for all this fat! Good luck Leah and keep us posted! There's another website I found very informative too: www.lapbandtalk.com

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