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After reading the information given here I'm even more excited than I was before, if that's possible. But I have soooooo many questions that I probably can't even begin to list them. Please, any advice, help, information, pointers as far as what to do before and what to do after surgery: food, beverages, vomiting (!!??), etc. I'm sure from the vast accumulation of experience you'll all have some great pointers and I'd sure appreciate it if you'd all take the time to share them. Someone mentioned a liquid protien diet pre-op. I'm unaware that it's necessary to do that. How about liquid Slim Fast afterwards? Would that work or is it too much too soon. Clear broth sounds good, how about diet dirinks like Tropicana's reduced sugar OJ? And what's the best eating scenario before surgery? To anyone who resoponds, hank you all so much in advance for helping. {{Oh, by the way, my cat jumped on the keyboard and pushed something so this letter was sent incomplete the first time, sorry!}}

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