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HELP! Quitting smoking is sooo hard!

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:(( I am so freaked out that I am having trouble quitting smoking completely. I have cut way back and really never smoked much anyways. I live with two smokers so it's double hard. It's too late to get meds to quit, but I am trying really hard and will definitely quit asap! I am sure I won't be smoking at all by this weekend and work is very stressful this week, but I am afraid if I don't smoke, I will want to eat more, and make excuses for both. I have already lost 20+ lbs and don't want to gain any back.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks!


P.S. Not to make any more excuses, but I have had much more serious surgeries like brain tumors and quit smoking for a time, but the second one not and I did great. I can do this! I hope. ;)

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