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Hi Doris, I too have been reading the recent posts on the mexicanbandster site. I don't know if this will help but I am forwarding my response post (pending approval) that I sent a few minutes ago...

I was banded by Dr. Ortiz June 18 of this year. There were 5 total in my group scheduled for surgery on that day. We all arrived in Mexico the day prior for pre-op testing. An anomily was discovered on one of the girls EKG's so she was promptly scheduled at the Oasis Hospital due to the potential increased risk factors. The remainder of us had our surgery at the Surgical Center that everyone is talking about. I don't know what the cuurrent status is regarding the Oasis vs Surgival Center but I would like to point out that it has not been over two months since Dr. Ortiz has used the Oasis Hospital like some posts have indicated. I can't speak for the others but I had no problems having my surgery done at the Surgical Center. On the contary, it was very nice having all of us so close. I went to Mexico by myself but never felt alone once. We all had our own rooms but basically had our own private wing including nurses station and Operating room. I was well taken care of by the staff and we were all discharged the following day, which was wonderful because I was looking forward to getting to my Hotel room. All and all my experience with Dr. Ortiz and staff was great from start to finish I would also like to add that I chose Dr. Ortiz because I feel he is the best at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone out there who is looking for a caring Physician who is truly a great surgeon...Gail

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B) We just got back last saturday, and also had surgery at the new center. It was TERRIFFIC!!

My followup doctor here in US is trying to work out something similair her for his non risk patients. So he can get more self pays. Because it is the hospital & lab costs which add up so quickly (and having been a self pay for pregnancy I can sure agree)

I had to return to the hotel that evening because I am nursing my one year old and my dh was trapped in a mexican hotel room with three children under four and not speaking any spanish.

I had my 12 hours of observation (again the same my follow up doc does with those in same day) and I was then released. I was eating ice, drinking walking (chasing my mother in law- she had surgery too) and checking on the others who had surgery. I also could not get the pain injections (except tylenol for the nursing)

They adjusted my hotel bill accordingly and Were terriffic.

The only thing I regret was I had spoken to the Oasis management and they had said it was OK for dh to wait with the children in my room. However at the surgical center they were not allowed.

Mama Ortiz had to bring dh and the tribe over after the surgery- and since I didn't know ahead of time I didn't even get to say goodbye. That sort of lead to a lot of crying on my part (after the adavan) and my 2 year old. I was afraid I wouldn't get to kiss them again- but they have been jumping on me since.

I feel great and would do it again. The nurses were wonderful and the doctors- especially Martinez- were terriffic. They also found that I had a hietal hernia (pretty big) and fixed that.


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Hey Jane! I just got back today and I also had a hiatal hernia. Dr. Ortiz said I got a two for one surgery! Everything went very smooth. The staff was very friendly. Dr.'s Ortiz and Martinez were very attentive and thorough. They both have a wonderful bedside manner. I think Mrs. Ortiz is the best "Girl Friday" in the world. She is so caring and gracious and made us feel so at ease. The Hotel Lucerna was very nice. My son loved the pool! As for me, the only real pain I feel is in the middle of my chest like someone is stepping on me( I guess from the hernia)and this egg on my arm from a shot they gave me :(

Doris 08/04/04

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