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When I was on my pre-op diet I found that after a few days I really didn't think of food much. I know this really doesn't help but you are going to have to make yourself stop thinking about food. After the surgery you will be on liquids again and while you won't really want food, by the time you get to the third week you will be willing to kill for something "real" that requires a fork and chewing!

I hate to say this, but to be sucessful and happy with this procedure you will have to just get used to not eating like you did before. The hardest thing about this is the fact that while you aren't physically hungry, you are still mentally hungry. I had my surgery almost a month and a half ago, and it is still difficult for me to put my fork down after only a few bites. My stomach is full but my mind isn't. My advice is to find something else to do...if you have to cook dinner for your family, go for a walk while they are eating, or find something active to help take your mind off things.

This in not to say that you won't ever be able to go out to dinner with friends or anything, but food will become a necessity not a recreational activity.

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When I want to eat I do a number of things

1. First thing I do is fill up a 20 oz bottle of ice cold water, it sems to tighten me up and curb my hunger.

2. I come to the site, I read, I post, it keeps my mind off of food and motivates me

3. I read, or I take my dogs down to the park for exercise for us.

4. I stay far from the kitchen, usually in my room,

5. I brush my teeth, it makes me not want to eat again in the evening

6. I jump on my stationary bike and exercise, that takes the food thoughts away for sure and I feel great afterwards.

7. Some women have taken up knitting, needlepoint or cricheting to keep their hands busy.

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